How to Download Files from OneDrive to Computer

In this step-by-step tutorial guide, learn how to Download Files from the OneDrive clouds , learn how to download files to Computer, make sure to read.

OneDrive file hosting Solution allows the users to store, edit, view, and download individual files to be accessible on computers, smartphones, tablets everywhere online. When selecting multiple files or folders from the OneDrive web portal to be downloaded to your PC, the download will be in zipped file format, and you will need to unzip the file before you can use them.

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Download Files to PC form OneDrive
– Firstly, open a web browser URL:
Sign in to your OneDrive Web Portal, with email and password
– On the Web portal, to download an individual file or folder, place your mouse cursor over the OneDrive file and click the small circle that appears right next to it.
– Click “Download” to download the file onto your PCs

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Open Downloaded file on Computer
-Click on This PC icon on Desktop or on search field type This PC to open
-Click on the Download folder, When This PC windows appear, to open the Download file on Computer

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