How to Backup Files from Phone to OneDrive

Data backup from android phone to cloud secure your files, and in event of data loss, it is easy for you to restore all files to the new phone. In this tutorial guide, learn step-by-step how you can use Phone to Backup Files to OneDrive.

How do I backup my phone to OneDrive?
1. Start by downloading the Microsoft OneDrive app on Play Store or App Store.
2. Open the OneDrive App on Smart Phone.
3. Login with e-mail and password

Login Tab
Install the app from Play Store

How do I transfer files from Android to OneDrive?
1. Create a folder on the “OneDrive app” on your phone
2. Click on the “plus icon” on top, then click on “Create Folder”, then type “folder name”, to create a backup folder on your OneDrive

Create Folder In OneDrive App

How do I Upload files from Android to OneDrive?
3. To upload files, open the “folder Created”
4. Click on the “plus icon”, choose the “Upload” tab on the Phone, to upload files you want to backup to google drive.

Upload Files from OneDrive app

5. Select files category (image, Audio, images document, etc.) and choose Files to Upload to OneDrive
6. Once uploaded, you can find the file on the OneDrive cloud

Files Upload from Phone to OneDrive

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