How to Install Google Drive App on Smartphone

Safely storing your files and accessing them from any device is easy with the Google Drive app, which you can install from the play store or apps store. Google Drive App helps you to store, share and collaborate on files and folders with friends or Teams from any smart device, tablet, or computer.

The purpose of this guide will show you the process of How to Install the Google Drive App on smartphones, How to Share Files on a smartphone using the Google Drive App for Mobile Phones, How to scan documents with Google Drive App, and How to move files or folders within Google Drive on Phone. if you want to learn the process make sure to read.

Importence Tips:

i. Google Drive Safely store your files and access them from any device
ii. Easy and secure access to all of your content in the Cloud
iii. Personnel Files are safe, private, and never used for any advert
iv. Drive Cloud help to Collaborate on files and folder with Teams
v. You Can have Google Drive installed on both Desktop computers and Smartphone Devices

How to install google drive on Android

Most people ask, how you get Google Drive app, to get the Google Drive app installed on phone both android and iPhone, is by going to the Play Store or apps store and installing.

Step to install Google Drive app on Android
1. Click On Play store Icon on your Phone

2. When the play store window pop-up, in the search field, type google drive, to search Drive app

3. Click on Install, for the app to install on your phone
4. Login with email and password

That’s how you can download Google Drive on Android Phones.

How to install google drive on iPhone

1. Click On Apps Icon on your iPhone

2. Tab on the search tab at the bottom right corner
3. Tab on the search section at the top of app store on your phone

4. Now enter Google Drive and search for it
5. Tap on Google and open it
6. Tap on getting below the app’s name

That’s how you can download Google Drive on your iPhone.

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How to Share Files from Smartphone

Files shared on a smartphone help you to share files and folders with Team members, Friends, and Family, and the Best app to install is Google Drive App Phone. Here are the steps to share files from the phone using Google Drive App for the phone.

1. Start by downloading and installing the Drive App on Play Store or App Store.
2. Open the Google Drive app.
3. Login with email and password

How to Sharing files and Folders on Drive

1. On the Google Drive App
2. Click on the folder or File Shared
3. Click on the three Dot beside Folder
4. Click “Share”

5. click on share, type the email of the person to have access to Files
6. Give permission (Viewer, commenter, or Editor

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How to scan documents with Google Drive App

Google Drive mobile app allows you to scan a document with your mobile phone camera and save them directly to Cloud, installing Drive app on the phone helps you in scanning doc files with the Phone.

How do I scan a document from my Phone to Google Drive?

The google drive app allows you to use the back camera in your mobile phone or tablet to scan documents and capture paper documents into digital forms. Once you have scanned the document in digital form and saved it in your Google Drive, you can share it with your friends and family through email.

How do I scan documents with Google Drive Mobile App?

1. Firstly, Install Google Drive Mobile App on your Phone
2. Open the “Drive” icon on Screen
3. Sign In with email Usernames and Password
4. After Login to the mobile portal, Tab on the “Plus Button”
5. When the Window popup Tab on the “Scan” Button

6. Tap on the “photo tab” and used your phone camera to capture the document

7. After you can choose to change scan the document to Black and white, Colour, or Colour drawing and tab on Save to save the document to google drive.

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How to move files or folders within Google Drive on Phone

In Google Drive, you can organize your files by creating folders and uploading files to make files easier to find and share with others. If is your desire to use phone to organize files and folders in drive, you can install google drive mobile app, from Google Play Store or App Store. below are steps to follow after installing the drive app on your phone and used to move files and Folder,

Move a File or Folder

1. On your Android, iPhone, or tablet, open the Google Drive app.
2. Login with a google email and password
3. Click on the file you want to move
4. Choose the destination folder
5. Click on move the file or folder location

To Download and install Drive for Desktop or Andriod I will recommend reading the post How to Download and install google Drive for Desktop. and How to Install Google Drive App on Smartphone. Again to backup Files to Google Drive read on How to use Google Drive for Backup Files.


Now, you must have an idea on How to Install Google Drive App on Smartphone. And you’re ready to install the app to use. Ask your questions in the comments below. Try to follow us on Facebook, Instagram , and Twitter. Also if the post has helped you Kindly subscribe to our YouTube channel to continue learning.

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