The last time someone asked, I want my uploaded Google files transported to my OneDrive, I believe you too Are wondering how you can transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive, both clouds hosting service allows you to share, manage and sync files or folders on Cloud and secure files everywhere on the internet. Therefore, […]

How to Transfer uploaded Files from Google Drive to OneDrive

To prevent hackers to take hold of or compromise your Email Account, Gmail has the option to secure your email account in the event of a cybercriminal causing harm to your account, With Google’s two-factor authentication you can prevent authorized access to your account by enabling it in the security tab of your google account […]

How to Turn on Two Factor Authentication In Gmail

Using Android Phone as means to access your Gmail account it’s easy and simple, with the Gmail app installed on the device accessing the mail sent from friends, team, or college is a matter of a tap of a button and due to security reasons when you use the phone, tablet or computer to login […]

How to Install Gmail on Android Phone

Using the Google contact web portal gives the option for you to save and add your most common contacts to your Gmail account, like phone numbers, birthdays, and other personal data, and will be available on all your devices including your computer, phone, and tablet. Again, you can easily export all phone contacts from android […]

How to Export Contact from Android to Gmail

Transfer of device contacts on a Phone can be easy, In the event of not losing all contacts from the phone, as a result of phone damage, it’s an excellent idea to Export Contact and saves it, you can do that by importing the exported contact from phone to google contact. In this guide, we’ll […]

How to export Contacts from Android Phone

Are you wondering how to add a Phone Number as recovery, in case you forget your password in the event of login into your Gmail account? Don’t worry Google has the solution for you, to add a mobile number to receive a shortcode on your phone to use to reset your Gmail account. This tutorial […]

How to Add Recovery phone Number to Gmail

In the event of phone damage or losing your phone, you do not have to lose all the contact, if previously you sync or back up device contacts on Google, you can easily export contacts from google and import them on your new phone. Here are steps you need to follow to import contacts from […]

How to Export Contact from Gmail to Android

If you want a contact management service, that can be installed on mobile and accessed on the web everywhere using the internet. With Gmail contact, you can sync all your contact to the cloud and keep track of phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses of friends, family, and team. This guide will walk you […]

How to Export Contact from Gmail

In this post learn What is meaning of Data protection, the types, and objective, the Eight Standard Principles of Data, and How to Ensure compliance In Data Protection. Difference between Data privacy and Data Protection Data privacy defines who has been authorized to have access to data, while data protection provides tools and policies to […]

Data protection in Cyber security

As business that continues to evolve and provide its service through information technology to ensure business operation. there should be intelligence mercanizim use to gather analytical data to understand past, current, and future threats are essential. This will enable them to come out with Solutions and use them to identify any security breach and recover […]

Threat Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Sync your phone contact to your Gmail account is helpful and prevents the event of losing contact when your device gets lost or Damaged. If you want synced store contact on your phone device to Gmail Contact, your can sync the contact to all your new Devices. This guide will help you sync the stored […]

How to Sync Phone contact to Gmail

In banking protecting customer data is essential and a core value for banks. Over the years banks have evolved in the world of financial services. The move from manual data entry to online banking has sped up and calls for digital automation. As a result, most banking institutions are acquiring innovative technological solutions to ensure […]

Cybersecurity in Banking Fraud

Over the years, there has been a rapid increase in cyber-attack, now is the time for organizations should be abreast of the threats and come out writing documents or response plans to deal with cybercriminals. This article will lay out the meaning of the incident response plan, the steps of incident response, and why an […]

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

When you want to grow your YouTube Channel and preferred to create a custom URL useful to present your channel to your large audience. Using the default standard web address for your channel, that includes your unique channel ID, which is the numbers and letters at the end of the URL. For example ( ) […]

How to Create a custom URL for a YouTube channel

Cybersecurity in Organization As a business that, continues to improve its service through information technology the same as should be abreast of the threats. Cyber threats keep growing at a rapid pace as Tactics and attack methods are changing and improving day by day. These articles will show you the types of cyber threats and […]

Overview of Cybersecurity in Organization

Are you a YouTube Creator that wants to Change the Name of Your YouTube Channel, for the channel name to desirable reflect its content? YouTube now lets creators change their channel and doesn’t impact the Google account associated. You Can rename or change the name via Desktop PC and Mobile app. This article will show […]

How to Change YouTube Channel Name

In this modern time, most organizations preferred to host their service on a Cloud instance on local premises because the cost involves in purchasing a high-Speed server and maintaining it to meet the business need is huge. This article will show you a definition of cloud computing, why organization uses cloud computing, and How It […]

How Does Cloud Computing Technology Work

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