Send Emails from Microsoft Account

How to Compose and Send Emails from Microsoft Account

Creating a Microsoft Account enables you to compose, format text, attached files, and send email messages to Colleagues, friends, and family members. Once your account is created, you can install the Microsoft app on your phone device and send an email. Here is the step to follow on how to compose a message and attached Files to it, to be sent via email using the Microsoft account portal.

How To Send Email In Yahoo Mail

1. Open any web browser on your computer
2. In the Address Bar input
3. Login with “Username and Password”

4. On the Home page in the top right corner of the screen click on My Microsoft Account to access the web portal

5. On the left-hand side, click on the app launcher tab and select the Microsoft app Outlook to access to send massages

An Alternative Way to Send Massage using Microsoft Account

How To Send Email with Outlook Web

1. Launch the Internet browser on your computer (for example Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge
2. In the Address URL TYPE
3. Sign in with “Username and Password”

4. On the left-hand side, click on the New Message Tab to compose a massager in text format to be sent

5. Enter the recipient’s email address and type the subject of the message to be sent

6. Type the Massage to be sent

7. Under the massage you can format the text

8. browse the attached files on the computer, select the files from your computer attached and send the massage.

9. After that Click on Send Tab the to send the message via email.

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