How to Compose and Send Emails from Gmail Account

Gmail is a free web-based e-mail service solution or platform that enable you to send email from any computer or device with an internet Browser to family, friends, or team member.
Having a Gmail Account gives you the opportunity to compose and attached files to massage to be sent to family and friends. Once your account is created, you can install the Google Gmail app on your phone or smart device and send an email.

Here is a step-by-step process to compose a message and format text and attached Files to it, to be sent via email using the Gmail web portal.

How do you write an email and send it?
1. Launch any INTERNET Browser on your Computer
2. In the URL input
3. Login with “Username and Password”
4. On the top lift corner of the screen click On Compose

5. Enter the recipient email, Subject, and the Massages

6. Type the Massage to be sent

7. Under-click on the format of the text and attached files, or select the files from your computer and send the massage.

8. Click on Send Tab the to send the message via email.

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