How to Solve Error that pop up In Hyper V

This article will take you through the steps by step process of How to Solve Errors that pop up In Hyper V While attempting to start a Selected Virtual Machine. If you want to learn the process on How to Solve Error that pop up In Hyper V While attempting to start Selected Virtual Machin make sure to read the post

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1. Start by clicking on “Hyper-V manager ICON” on the Desktop or “Taskbar” to launch “Hyper-V Manager”

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2. Double Click a Virtual Machine in Hyper-V Manager Window and Start a Virtual PC.

3.When a Virtual PC Start a pop-up error message pop (An error occurred while attempting to start the selected Virtual machines(s))lean more on How to move Hyper-V Virtual Machine in Windows

This message pop because the location of the hyper v files PC has been changed. So, to solve this issue you need to identify the root location where you have copied the Hyper-V virtual hard disks folder.

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4. So on your virtual PC on Hyper-V manager, you right-click on “settings” TO Select the root folder of the Virtual PC Disk

5. Go to “ide controller” you’ll find a virtual hard Disk, Click on Browse and Select the Virtual Hard Disk from the new root location.

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Watch this Video Step by Step to solve the Pop Error Massages

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