How to Mount USB Flash Drive to Hyper V Virtual Machine

This article’s guide will show Step by Step process of how to mount your USB Flash Drive to your hyper -V machine for you to transfer files from your Pen Drive to your Hyper-V machine.

Assuming you have files on your Pen Drive that you want to copy onto your Hyper-V machine to be able to copy you need to mount your USB drive to your Hyper-V machine

How do I get Hyper-V to recognize my USB?

1. Insert USB Drive On the Local or Personal PC

2. On the local machine click on “Hyper-V manager Icon” ON the desktop when popup then you click on your virtual machine, then you click on “settings”

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3 Click on “integrate services then you enable guest services”, Start the Virtual Machine by clicking “Start” and connecting to USB

4 A pop-up window to mount device resources, link localhost devices to the Hyper-v VM, Click on “Local Resources tab” , “click More Tab”

5. Choose Devices

6. When Login to VM you can find the USB device attached to the Virtual Machine

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Watch the Video to Follow the step-by-step process

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