How to Access your home Computer Anywhere

learn how to access your home computer from anywhere with a google chrome remote desktop, Chrome remote Desktop makes it easier to connect a remote pc with a google account. If you want to get started make sure to read.

How do I enable Remote Desktop in Windows 10?

1. To start you need to click on “any browser of your choice and type “download chrome remote desktop”

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2. Click on it to download it on your window, before you download it you need to sign up with your “Gmail account” and “password”

3. when you log in you see a pop-up set up remote access and “click download” to download chrome remote desktop from google web store and click “add” to chrome to install chrome remote desktop extension “add an extension”

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4. After adding the extension click “download” to download “chrome remote desktop app”, to be installed on your windows after downloading click “accept” and “install”

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5. Give the the Local Machine Name, Choose a PIN to connect this computer remotely

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6. After enabling it on your home pc you need to follow the same procedure to install chrome remote desktop connection on your remote pc by signing on onto your google Gmail account and password

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