How to Create Folder and Upload files in Google Drive

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how you can use Google Drive to create a Folder and upload Files, if you want to learn process, make sure to read the guide.

What Is Google Drive
Google Drive Is Cloud Hosting Files Storage and Synchronization Solution that allow you Store, Share and access your Files and Folders online from Smartphone, Tablet, or computer.

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Upload Files and Folder to Google Drive Cloud
When signin to Google Drive, you can upload, share, view and edit files with Google Drive.
Files types can be upload
– Files Document
– Images
– Audio Files
– Video Files

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Creation of Folder In Google Drive
Firstly, on computer, open any Browser and the Address bar URL input –
– Login With Email and password
– At the top lift, Click New Tab
– Choose Folder, to create
– Type the Name of the Folder you want to upload files.

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Upload Files to Folder Google drive
– Open the Folder Created in Drive Dashboard
– Right Click on Choose Files Folder or Folder Upload
– Choose Files or Folder you want to Upload to Drive Cloud

Drag Files onto Google Drive from PC
– Open the Folder Created in Drive Dashboard
– Place the Mouse on any Document to be upload from Computer
– Drag the File to the Folder

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