YouTube – How to create Additional Channel

YouTube is an online video Share website that makes it easy to watch videos. You can even create and upload your content and share it with millions of users around the world.

This tutorial guide will take you through the steps by step process of How to create an Additional YouTube Channel using One Account. If you want to learn the process of How to create an Additional YouTube Channel make sure to read.

Creating your own YouTube channel enables you to produce content and share it with people.
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Creation of Addition YouTube Channel

Firstly, to start creating an additional YouTube account you’ll click on your YouTube studio,
-Click on accounts
-Click on your channel to find the page of your channel.

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-Click on accounts after clicking on “Accounts”
-Click on settings on the “settings tab”

-Click on add or manage your channel here you can create an additional channel of your choice by clicking the plus icon let’s take the

Type in the name a global create to create the accounts and you can customize them.

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