OBS Studio Overview

This article will show you an overview of OBS when install for the first time, so to start using OBS you need to install on your desktop by downloading the Software from their website and install on your desktop.

OBS Studio is an open-source software that is free

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When you launch OBS for the first time it will prompt you to configure the usage information you can specify
to use OBS to stream or record or you can specify OBS to be used only for recording

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After when you click on next it will prompt you to choose video setting the video quality that you want to use when live streaming from OBS then you choose your desire you do settings or you design video output that you want

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Then you click next and click next it will prompt you to give the streaming information
here you specify the streaming information the secret key or streaming key that you use to stream live on any social platform that you want to stream live you can choose Facebook as your key the streaming key

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