My SQL – User Name and Password Creation In XAMPP Web Server

Xampp is an open-source web server application, which help developer create and deliver web content both locally and on the internet.
The purpose of this guide will show you step by step process in creation of user name and password in my SQL database in Xampp, if you want to learn mark sure to read.

How do I create a username and password in XAMPP?
Creation of User And Password
Firstly, download and Install XAMPP web server on your computer.
Start by clicking on the “start button” and then click on the XAMPP control panel

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-Click on the “admin tab” this will move you to the “database”
-Click on “user accounts”
-After clicking on “user accounts” you click “add user accounts”

-Then, you type the “username” that you want to create
-Then you grant administrative privilege or privilege to the “user” so that the user may get full control
-On the database and click go to create user “username” and “password”.

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