Hyper-V: How to Mount USB Flash Drive

If you have a file on your flash drive that you want to copy onto your Hyper-V machine to copy, you need to mount your USB drive to your Hyper-V machine. This article will show step by step process of how to mount your USB Flash Drive to your hyper -V machine for you to transfer files from your Flash Drive to your Hyper-V machine. If you want to learn the procedures make sure to read the post.

How do I get my virtual machine to recognize my USB?
1. Insert USB Flash Drive on ‘the Local or Personal PC

2. On the local machine launch “Hyper-V Manager” on the desktop when window popup, you click on your virtual machine PC then you click on “settings” button

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3. Click on the “integrate services” tab then you tick guest services to enable service, then Strat you Virtual Machine PC

4. After Starting A pop-up window for you to mount device resources.

5. link localhost devices to the Hyper-V VM, Click on the “Local Resources tab”, “click More Tab” connecting the USB drive to Hypers-V

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Watch the Video to Follow the step-by-step process

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