How to turn Off two-factor authentication for Facebook

Do you want to disable two-step verification, if you have Facebook Account you have the advantage to enable and disable two-factor authentication. In this guide learn How you can Turn-Off 2-factor verification for your Facebook Account. if you want to learn, make sure to read the post.
Learn More on How to Turn-On two-factor authentication for your Facebook account

How do I Enable Two-Step Verification for Facebook Account?
1. Launch any web browser on your computer
2. In the Address Bar input
3. Sign In With your “Username and Password”
4. Click on Login

5. On the Account Dashboard, In the top right corner click on the “Security” tab

6. On the Lift, corner click on the “Security and Login” tab

7. On Security and log in under Section, your find Two-factor authentication

8. Scroll Down in the “Security and Login” Windows, under the “Two-factor authentication” section click on “Edit” beside use two-factor authentication

9. Window pop up click on turn off Two-Step Verification

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