How to Reset Yahoo Account with Recovery Email

Have you created a Yahoo account for the purpose of sending messages to friends and Family, and you have forgotten the login password and you want to know the procedures you can reset your yahoo account? Don’t be disheartened, having a yahoo account gives you the right to add an alternative phone number, or email, as a means to reset the password credential of your yahoo account without any stress.

This Guide will help you to know the steps for resetting your yahoo mail account password with an alternative email address if you have forgotten your password.

How to Reset Yahoo Mail Password with an alternative Email Address
1. Open any Internet web browser on your computer
2. Enter in the URL of the Browser
3. Sign in with “Username and Password”
4. Under the Sign-in Popup Window Click on “Forgot password?”

5. Select from the Option if you have enabled 2 Step Factor Authentication for both email and mobile number

6. Choose Email, After Selecting from the option a verification code will be sent to you alternative email added to the account,

7. Copy the code from the alternative email inbox, and Verify your identity, you then have the opportunity to reset your yahoo mail account password

8. After inputting the new password, Click on Continue, and now the old password will change to the new password.

9. Now you can access the yahoo mail portal with the new password

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