Twitter Account Password Reset

How to Reset Twitter Account Password

Wondering how you can reset your Twitter account in the event of forgetting your password credential if you have a Twitter account you have the privilege to use an alternative Phone number, email, or an authenticator App to reset your Account Password.
This guide will help you to know the procedures to reset your Facebook Account password if you have forgotten your login Password.

I. A Six (6) digit-code will be sent to the Phone Use to Register Account to reset and valid for 15 minutes
II. After requesting Password Reset on Account it may take a few minutes for you to receive the code to reset an account

How to Reset your Twitter Account

1. Open any Internet web browser on the computer
2. Input, in the Browser URL
3. Sign in with “Username and wrong Password” Click on Login
4. Under the Sign in to Twitter Popup Window Click on “Forgot password?”

forgot Password
Forgotten Twitter Password

5. Window pops up to Enter your Email, Phone number, or Username to search or find your account
search or find your account
Twitter Account search

6. After inputting the username, email, or phone number in the Find your Twitter Account Window and Clicking on search it will filter your account in the database of Twitter for you to reset the Account, It prompts you to Verify your Identity by Entering the phone number link with your twitters account.
Twitter identity
Verify Twitter identity

7. Click on Next after inputting the Phone number to verify the account to reset it.
Verify Twitter
Twitter Verify Code

8. A verification code will be sent to your Phone used to register, for you to reset your account password
Twitter phone code  Check
Phone code Verification

9. After copying the code from phone Messages and Verifying identity, then you have the option to reset your Twitter Account and Click on Verify tab.
Verify Phone Code
Verify Phone Code on Twitter

10. Will be prompted to input New Password to Reset password.
twitter Account Reset
Reset Twitter Account Password

11. Now you can access the Twitter web portal
Twitter Dashboard
Twitter Account Dashboard

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