In this post learn What is meaning of Data protection, the types, and objective, the Eight Standard Principles of Data, and How to Ensure compliance In Data Protection. Difference between Data privacy and Data Protection Data privacy defines who has been authorized to have access to data, while data protection provides tools and policies to […]

Data protection in Cyber security

As business that continues to evolve and provide its service through information technology to ensure business operation. there should be intelligence mercanizim use to gather analytical data to understand past, current, and future threats are essential. This will enable them to come out with Solutions and use them to identify any security breach and recover […]

Threat Intelligence in Cybersecurity

In banking protecting customer data is essential and a core value for banks. Over the years banks have evolved in the world of financial services. The move from manual data entry to online banking has sped up and calls for digital automation. As a result, most banking institutions are acquiring innovative technological solutions to ensure […]

Cybersecurity in Banking Fraud

Over the years, there has been a rapid increase in cyber-attack, now is the time for organizations should be abreast of the threats and come out writing documents or response plans to deal with cybercriminals. This article will lay out the meaning of the incident response plan, the steps of incident response, and why an […]

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Cybersecurity in Organization As a business that, continues to improve its service through information technology the same as should be abreast of the threats. Cyber threats keep growing at a rapid pace as Tactics and attack methods are changing and improving day by day. These articles will show you the types of cyber threats and […]

Overview of Cybersecurity in Organization

In this Article show you how to password protect an image files on your windows to prevent unauthorized access of each files Document, If you want to learn How to Protect an image Files, make sure to read this. Choose Image Files to Protect Start by Choosing an image file to protect on the Desktop […]

How to Password Protect an image Files

PuTTY is a free Open-source terminal emulator which supports various types of network protocols such as SSH, Telnet, login, and SCP. It was originally available only for Windows, But is now also available on various UNIX platforms, with work-in-progress ports to Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X. How do I download PuTTY for Windows? On your […]

How to download Putty and Install on Windows

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